The Best use of internet service is to learn Quran at home

Online Quran ClassesIf you are looking for an opportunity to learn in a way befitted to your busy daily routine and lifestyle, then you may consider The SchoolQuran institute proudly offers Online Quran Classes. They have Male teacher (Qari) for boys and girls. If you want female teacher (Qaria) for your daughter then they also have such facility. Most of their Female Quran teachers are good and they have more than two years of Quran teaching experience.

Online Quran classes are sure way to learn Quran without leaving your place or home. Quran learning for kids are especially a good option for young boys and girls. Most parent are always worried about their young children and it is not easy to drive kids to a near by Masjid or Mosque. The Pick and Drop routine, from home to a physical location (Masjid) is something that parent may now avoid because it usually make the young children, exhausted and tired.

So, we highly suggest this new learning approach to attend online Quran classes with a comfort of home. This is important from parent and teacher point of view. Parents could easily watch and check the quality of Quran learning service and it is easy to communicate with the teacher of their kids. Father and mother of a child could do a voice chat online with a Quran teacher via Skype messenger. This also gives a peace of mind and satisfaction that what their child is actually learning and how fast he or she is learning.

In our judgment, it is mandatory that parents and teachers communicate every month and discuss about the learning status of a student. A lot of times, we have seen such communication bring in good and favorable results. In short, communication gap is easy to fill with the help of internet and online Quran education.No matter where you lives, you could easily attend Online Quran Classes at hours that are convenient to you and for your kids. A web camera is NOT required to attend a Qur’an class. Only a headphone and Mic along with a I-PAD or Laptop or Computer machine is enough. Most people already keeps an I-PAD or Laptop and all they need is a good online teacher to start learning Quran online.

These online Quran classes offer more flexibility and time for one-to-one student-teacher engagement. So, a student gets proper and individual attention in a 30 minutes online Quran class. In the beginning, most students need more attention from a teacher and it is possible to extend the 30 minutes class. If required, a student could apply for a forty five minutes daily Qur’an class. SchoolQuran institute welcome students of all levels from having no prior Arabic language knowledge. However; the minimum age to start taking online Quran classes is 4 years. So, if your child is less than 4 years old then you may need to wait. However; there is no age limit for adults and even a 90 years old student could attend online Quran classes.

The ability to Learn Quran Online anytime and anywhere, could be an invaluable service for parents who have a busy daily work routine. Combine this flexibility with our commitment to support you through your Quranic and Islamic studies. In this way, you will get all you need to walk on the path to become closer to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala.


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